Why Elect Lanrick for Toronto-Danforth City Councillor

Endorsements from various members of Toronto-Danforth and the greater community, visit our #WhyLanrick Photo Album on Facebook.


Something exciting is happening in the east side of the Don River, Toronto-Danforth is evolving. From Riverside to Dieppe Park; Gerrard and Chinatown East, to Pape and Cosburn, the Port Lands to Coxwell and O'Connor, growth is everywhere. Residents who have helped fuel that evolution have a tremendous opportunity to bring a fresh, new approach to this election by having an inclusive and collaborative voice that puts their needs first. I believe that we need a champion for our bustling and diverse community at City Hall. Our neighbourhoods need a representative who uses all the tools available to make innovative policy that serves our unique community better. We also need an open and transparent leader and a truly progressive voice.  I want to be that voice. I want to build on the foundation of what has made Toronto-Danforth a liveable, vibrant part of the city so that it can live up to its potential to be a truly great community.

We need to look towards the future and through thoughtful, predictable planning we can develop a collaborative approach to how our community will grow.

There has been great progress made but we can do more. Policies on transit and transportation and on housing and the environment need to achieve a level of truth that has been missing in our political discourse. There are challenges ahead but by providing accountability, transparency, customer service and cooperation, we can build and further grow our community.

Things are changing in Toronto-Danforth. Democracy matters, local matters and your voice matters, now more than ever. It’s time to make it heard. I will listen to your voice and together we can do more.

~ Lanrick Bennett (July 2018)