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Last updated: October 19, 2018


ArtsVote Toronto - Lanrick's platform graded an "A"

Copper's Guide to the Ward 14 Councillor Election (organized by Ralph Thornton Community Centre) 

East Enders Against Racism (EEAR)

Prosperity Pledge #TOprosperity

RaBIT: Ranked Ballot Initiative of Toronto 

TCAT - Toronto Centre for Active Transportation - #BuildtheVision2018 Election Survey


Ward 14 Candidates' Active Transportation Survey Results


East Enders Against Racism (EEAR) - response posted to their Facebook Group.

1.The police practice of “carding” has disproportionately targeted young Black and Indigenous men in Toronto. Do you support a complete ban on carding? If not, why?
I do support a complete ban on carding.  Carding does not make our community safer and we must do better to bring our neighbourhoods together. I support the progress the Government of Ontario made to phase out carding but I know there is much more we can do. We need to work with police to enhance the safety of our communities rather than target individuals on the street without cause.
2. During the past few years, hate groups that specifically target Muslims and immigrants have been demonstrating in public spaces like Nathan Phillips Square and protesting in front of mosques and even schools. These are clear acts of intimidation. What steps would you take to prevent Muslim community members in Toronto from being targeted by these hate groups?
There is no place for hate in our community. I am proud to run in Toronto-Danforth where we have a strong Muslim community and many mosques including the beautiful Madina MasjidI will ensure we have a strong dialogue with our Muslim community, outreaching and encouraging them to participate in more community-wide events. When you engage with all members of the community, it is harder to hate.
3. Many people in our ridings experience housing insecurity, low income, and other forms of social and economic exclusion. What will you do to address issues of poverty in East End Toronto?
I believe that everyone deserves a roof over their head and a safe space to raise their family. As City Councillor for Ward 14, I will make every effort to protect our most vulnerable and provide assistance to those seeking housing. I look forward to working with residents to address problems with housing in our community and the city as a whole.  I will also work to support a variety of employment opportunities in our community to help more people earn a living wage and reduce poverty.

4.  How do you plan to work with Indigenous community members to address the impacts of colonization and systemic racism, and how will you amplify grassroots Indigenous concerns? 

I remain committed to the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. That is why I launched my campaign with input from people like Todd Ross (Toronto & York Region Métis Council Chair) to ensure that indigenous voices are reflected. I look forward to working with Indigenous community members to better understand what I can do to address their concerns on a municipal level. 

5. Is there anything else you'd like to share about your commitment to anti-racism and social inclusion?
Hate cannot be tolerated in any part of our community. As City Councillor for our Ward I will work with our multi-cultural neighbourhoods to address any act of hate they experience and address the systematic racism they face. Given my personal experience, I am well aware that systemic racism can at times be subtle so more work needs to be done to provide everyone with a level playing field. 

TCAT - #BuildtheVisionTO 2018 Election Survey

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1. Do you commit to supporting the implementation of a city-wide default speed limit of 30 km/h on all residential streets and 40 km/h on all arterial and collector roads?

The safety of pedestrians throughout our community remains an important priority of mine. Through my conversations with community members, I know that initiatives to reduce speeding have ensured that our streets are safer for everyone. I will continue to support initiatives such as speed reductions to keep our roads safe.

2. Do you commit to supporting the streamlining of the traffic calming process?

I support streamlining the process to make our streets safer. I know that traffic calming is an effective tool to keep our streets safe. In Ward 14, we have sections that already have traffic calming measures but we need to approach road safety through a holistic approach, not only in our community but across Toronto.

3. Do you commit to supporting the implementation of traffic calming at all elementary school zones by 2022?

As a father of two children, safety around our schools is a paramount concern of mine. In fact, I ride with my daughter to school and experience the difference that traffic calming makes, especially in school zones. That is why I support traffic calming to protect our children not just in front of schools but also throughout our community?

4. Do you commit to supporting adding a sidewalk on at least one side of the street when an opportunity such as road reconstruction arises, in line with City policy?

While there isn’t a street in our community without a sidewalk, I will take every opportunity to increase safety for pedestrians throughout Toronto.

5. Do you commit to supporting a minimum 2.1 metre pedestrian clearway for sidewalks on all arterial and collector roads?

I will take every opportunity to increase safety for pedestrians throughout Toronto and that includes a minimum clear space of 2.1 metres on sidewalks.

6. Do you commit to supporting building protected bike lanes on main streets, including the major corridors identified in The Cycling Network Plan?

Yes! In fact, I wish that we had a proactive approach to protecting cyclists in our community. It is my strong belief that we can add dedicated protected bike lanes on the Danforth to enhance road safety while minimizing the impact on parking and businesses.

7. For Council candidates, do you commit to supporting building safe, connected routes in your ward as identified in the 10-Year Cycling Network Plan? For Mayoral candidates, do you commit to supporting building safe, connected routes in each ward as identified in the 10-Year Cycling Network Plan?

By assisting Cycle Counts (Ward 30 Bikes), I have seen the flow of bike traffic in our community. With this evidence I know that there is a need to have protected lanes to bring families from home to work and back safely.

8. Do you commit to supporting accelerating the Cycling Network Plan to be built in the next four years?

I know that Bloor has made progress with bike lanes and I support an expedited approach to building bike infrastructure in our community.

9. Do you commit to supporting increasing the use of automated traffic enforcement safety cameras?

The safety of pedestrians in our community is my paramount concern and the use of cameras can help hold those people responsible when they break the law.

10. Do you commit to supporting prioritizing the safety of vulnerable road users by outlawing motor vehicle right turns on red?

I am open to any approach that will increase safety on our roads where it is appropriate. In fact, we already have intersections within our community where turning right on red is not allowed.

11. Do you commit to supporting a controlled crossing at all bus and streetcar stops?

I support this measure because it will increase the safety of pedestrians by approaching transportation in a smarter and more effective manner. This innovative solution also moves us closer to achieving zero pedestrians deaths in Toronto.

12. Do you commit to supporting an implementation strategy for Toronto’s Complete Streets guidelines?

I know that we need to work hard to meet our goal of zero pedestrian deaths on our streets. That is why I will support the implementation of Toronto’s Complete Streets guidelines so we can share the road and increase pedestrian safety.

13. Do you commit to supporting the Transform Yonge option for Yonge Street between Sheppard and Finch Avenues?

Even though Yonge Street is not my community, I support any initiative that increases safety for cyclists but it is my belief that initiatives like this must be balanced with the needs of the community.

14. Do you commit to supporting increasing the City of Toronto’s budget for achieving zero traffic deaths to $107M/year, which would bring it to the same per-capita level as New York City’s Vision Zero Action Plan, considered a leader in North America?

I am committed to ensuring Toronto has zero pedestrian deaths by finding pragmatic solutions and working with all members of our community.

15. Do you commit to supporting and funding a monthly Open Streets Toronto program from May to September in 2019 and beyond?

I saw the success of our Open Streets Toronto initiative on the Danforth in 2016 and as City Councillor I will work to bring it back!