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September 2018

CBC Toronto: 'Political will' needed to solve city's bike lane disparity, advocates say

Story is part of CBC Toronto's new road safety series, Safer Streets

"Where we are in the east end, if you look at the west ... you're seeing protected bike lanes on River, on Gerrard, on Adelaide, on Richmond. You look toward the east of us, and they've got a fully protected bike lane on Woodbine. We're kind of in the middle, where we've got nothing." ~ Lanrick East-end Toronto politicians concerned by Ford's use of notwithstanding clause

“To arbitrarily pick a number just because it aligns with the provincial and federal boundaries, it just doesn’t make sense." ~ Lanrick

CBC News Network (Video): Candidates respond to court decision blocking Doug Ford's plan to slash Toronto council seats

"This was supposed to be an exciting time for myself, for my team, for my community, to be able to come out and really push forward a new idea. To literally do more than we did before. This slaps us right in the face.

"It doesn't matter what number, what it's going to say. We are running to represent the community. If I've got to go across the north portion of my riding I will do so." ~ Lanrick


August 2018

CTV Toronto (Video): Municipal Election Campaign (August)


July 2018

680 News: Condolences, anger, solutions: Online reaction to the Danforth mass shooting


February 2017

A Good Book Drive (Blog): Say hello to Lanrick Bennett Jr. and his son Jackson!

{Why is reading important?

Lanrick:  “It allows me to get away, to explore, question, research and discuss anything and everything. As a parent it’s a part of me that I want to pass on.”}


December 2016

{Some weekends they visited seven branches. Sometimes, they trekked to the outer edges of the city, realizing how huge it was. At every stop, they got a librarian to stamp their copy of All the Libraries in Toronto. "It was a lot of connection with my son. I really got to spend some quality time," Mr. Lanrick told TVO's Nam Kiwanuka. What a lucky kid, I thought. What a fine dad.}

TVO: How a Toronto dad and his son visited 100 libraries this year

Inspired by a colouring book, five-year-old Jack Bennett and his father, Lanrick Jr., spent their year touring every one of the city's libraries.

{To me it was really surprising that there were 100. We went to libraries as small as my office right now, [and] to libraries that were behemoth,” says Lanrick Bennett Jr. They discovered that each branch is unique to its community, he says, and feels like a local outpost. “You don’t want to jump into your car and drive an hour,” he says. “You’d like the ability to just walk or take public transit.}


March 2014

Toronto Sun: Worth the trip for Bare Bones and Up Front

{Lanrick Bennett, who helped conceptualize Bare Bones, explained how the weekly songwriters’ series in the TCA’s Gallery came about. "I was lucky enough to have (singer-songwriters) Kim Jarrett and Elana Harte help create this series that allows people to get upfront and close to the performers," he says. "The pristine acoustics of the Gallery contribute to the performer’s feeling that this is something magical. Many of them have showcased new music and also material from their back catalogue that they don’t often play, providing insight into the inspiration and content of the songs."}