More Details on Toronto-Danforth Issues

More information on Lanrick's Action Plan for specific Toronto-Danforth issues. Check back weekly or subscribe to the newsletter for updates! 

Arts and Culture

"I have over 10 years of experience in Toronto’s arts community. I worked for the Toronto Centre for the Arts for over 3 years, where I coordinated the development of arts based educational programs for students and youth – and supported Centennial College Story Arts Centre’s expansion to North York as a performance facility for the music students. I was also the Education Officer and Project Manager for the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame, and am a former Producer at Second City where I developed my “yes, and…” approach to community building.  It should be no surprise therefore that I earned an A grade from the 2018 ArtsVoteYYZ Report Card." more about Lanrick's support for arts and cultural entrepreneurs via PDF.

Child Care

"Access to affordable childcare is not a luxury, it is an essential service that hundreds of families depend on in Toronto-Danforth.  If elected as your city councillor I will work tirelessly to eliminate the barriers parents face when ensuring their child has a safe and nurturing place to thrive while they work. more about Lanrick's position on child care via PDF.

Climate Change and the Environment

"We have an amazing thing happening in our Toronto-Danforth in the Port Lands Flood Protection project...We are not just mitigating flood risk for those who live along the Don River, but also renaturalizing the area with protected wetlands, similar to that of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Tommy Thompson Park. Unfortunately, as I canvass up and down Toronto-Danforth, residents are unaware of this project - even though it is in our own backyard! There is more work to do on the Port Lands, and I commit to working to engage the full community in its redevelopment and design.. more about Lanrick's position on climate change and the environment via PDF.

Democracy and Community Engagement

"I believe in democracy and so do the residents of Toronto-Danforth. For too long we have heard time and again the same interviews and the same sound bites. But this time, let’s do more by choosing a candidate who better reflects our community. Let’s choose a candidate who shares your concerns and wants to see action being done. Let’s choose a candidate who has a constituency office in the ward that you can go to on your way to work, or with the kids on the way home from daycare.

It’s time to choose a candidate who is not afraid of term limits. I believe in getting in, doing great things, and getting out." more about Lanrick's position on democracy and community engagement via PDF.

Gun Violence

"It’s time to do more. We need to be working with our schools, our community centres and libraries. We need to be partnering with Toronto Police and have direct access to under-utilized services such as the Police Consultative Committee. We need to get guns off the streets but at the same time reduce the interest that some individuals might have in access to guns." more about Lanrick's position on gun violence via PDF.


"Whether you are stuck on a broken wait list for subsidized housing, trying to find a local apartment that you can afford or looking to buy your first home you know that affordable housing has become hard to find in Toronto-Danforth. We have a great community
but the available housing for the number of people who want to live here is just not enough and future-demand will keep pushing up the costs." more about Lanrick's position on housing via PDF.


"Public libraries are the cornerstone not just to a healthy and vibrant community, but to democracy itself. If elected as your city councillor I will work to ensure that the Toronto Public Library system retains stable funding and support, ensuring the growth of library branches and services within new neighbourhoods of Ward 14." more about Lanrick's position on libraries via PDF.

Rivertowne Community

"As your City Councillor I will make sure your voice is clearly heard so new housing developments are appropriate for our community spaces, parks, condos and rental housing.  I know that by speaking with you, the residents who know this area the best, and being well-informed, we can do more together." more about Lanrick's commitment to Rivertowne via PDF.

Small Business

"As City Councillor I will work with small businesses to ensure that they can prosper and grow for years to come...I pledge to consult with local businesses when projects might impact their bottom-line, work to attract new businesses to every part of our Ward, and advocate to ensure barriers are reduced so businesses can thrive." more about Lanrick's commitment to small business via PDF.


"There has been talk of solutions but they end up delayed, overturned or politicized year after year. We need short-term and long-term plans and we need to stick to those plans even after the election. We need to work with both the provincial and federal government to find funding solutions that will work and most importantly, we need to maintain control over our public transit." more about Lanrick's commitment to transit via PDF.

Vision Zero

"Roads are shared spaces. As a cyclist, pedestrian, transit rider, driver, parent and son of elderly parents, I know how important it is for our city to balance the needs and safety of all road users. All of us have places to go and things to do and our streets are how we get there. The reality is our streets are not as safe as they should be and Toronto-Danforth deserves a representative who will advocate tirelessly for Ward 14 to be prioritized in the city’s Vision Zero initiatives." more about Lanrick's commitment to Vision Zero via PDF.