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Lanrick for Toronto-Danforth

"With the recent Ontario Court of Appeal verdict, I remain committed to our ward, our neighbourhood, and our community. While I do believe that we need to look at improving representation at City Hall, there are better ways than having Doug Ford throw our democracy into chaos. I have registered, re-registered and updated my campaign information to keep you up-to-date with this changing situation. Regardless of the challenges and hurdles we may face in the future, I pledge to do more as your voice at City Hall.

The unprecedented actions taken by the province highlight the need for process and transparency with our elected officials. That is why, as your councillor, I will have meetings in our neighbourhoods and a constituency office where residents can meet with me to voice their concerns.

Let’s move forward together because democracy matters, your voice matters and your vote matters."

~ Lanrick Bennett (September 19, 2018)

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